Thursday, December 23, 2010

Avez-vous un joyeux petit Noël!

Merry Christmas Eve-Eve to quote Sapphie on the American Girl Fan Message Board :). We made some more cookies today using a cookie press from the 50's! We also frosted the cookies we baked yesterday.

Can any of you believe that tomorrow is Christmas Eve?! I certainly cannot. Me and Julie don't have Christmas dresses/outfits yet, so we have to just wear normal garb :(. Oh well, Danielle will hopefully buy us Christmas outfits in 2011 that will be magnifique!

I keep on wondering what Danielle got for Christmas. I hope she gets something from American Girl, because then it goes to us dolls! I know that sounds selfish, but hey, we're dolls, and we don't get anything of our own.

Vivre, Rire, Amour,

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  1. Hey, Ali! It's Carolyn! I just wanted to tell you (while Julie wasn't looking . . . ;-)) how much she loved your blog, and how much I like it! I really love your posts, and also you! Because of you, I want a girl just like you and I would name her Arizona, but she could go by Ari! Also, I'd love her to be from Alaska! ;-)

    Keep up the good work!