Thursday, July 8, 2010

I know the blog pretty basic...

Heyy! It's your favorite 14 year old, Alaska Brigitte Corbalis! Or Ali for short. Anyway, I finally was able to get on a computer here in Lone Tree. I went behing the doll salon, and crept into the backroom. There, I found a computer with internet access. So, here I am. I'm what humans would call a "Just Like You #25", though there's a rumor going around amongst the dolls that they're changing our name to "My American Girl", and giving us a new outfit! Ahhh! Oh well, whateves. Let me tell you a little bit about my self.

My name is Alaska Brigitte Corbalis, or Ali. I have brown-black hair, dark brown eyes, and light skin. My aspiration is to be a photographer, and there's nothing I want more. I was born in Alaska (the state), and I moved to Canada when I was 7, til I was 13. Then, I got moved to Winsconscin. I spent 1 year in a warehouse with lots of other dolls. Yesterday, I heard that I was to be boarding a plane bound for Lone Tree, Colorado. I was soooooo excited! In Lone Tree, the is an adoption center, known as an American Girl Place to humans, and I was one of the "#25"s to be chosen to go! So, I got stocked on the shelves this morning at 6:00am, and here I am now! I can't wait to get picked by a loving girl, though I hope she's a tween or teenager. I don't want to move in with a girl under the age of 8.

A 14 year old who finally found a computer,


  1. Hi Ali!!!
    That's very cool that your name is the same of the state you were born in :) I have a [future] sister there in Colorado at the AG place, but I don't know what it's like to be in an AG place, because I lived in the warehouse pretty much my whole life! Well, this comment is getting long, so I better get going!

    I can't wait to hear about your AG place adventures :)


  2. Cool!! I think we have met too, maybe we have seen eachother, but it would have been like looking in a mirror.

    I Don't want to change outfits!! I like my star hoodie outfit very much.

    Keep blogging! It will be fun to read about another doll's perspective of the AG place.