Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Nouvelles tenues (New outfits)!

Bonjour à tous (hello everyone)! I am very excité because the managment of American Girl LLC changed our names to My American Girl. Now we have a new meet outfit, called le Real Me tenue or in English, the Real Me outfit! It's sooooo pretty, it's a lavande shirt with corsaire (capri) pants, lavande underwear, and flats for shoes.

Last night they déménagé (moved) all of the new tenues (outfits) into the American Girl Place.
Ce matin (this morning), before les employés (the employees) arrived, I left my box to explore. I searched around in the nouvelles tenues (new outfits), to find an outfit called The True Style outfit. I put it on, and I looked magnifique! That outfit was totally made for me! Malheureusement (unfortunately), I probably will be purchased without my magnifigue tenue.
:( I can only espoir (hope) that whoever purchases moi may also purchase the True Style outfit.

Vivre, Rire, Amour,
Ali Brigitte

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  1. Oh, I wonder if Pru likes her new outfit,
    well I am glad you do :)

    *Reply to your comment*
    Thank you so much!!!