Sunday, July 11, 2010


Desole (sorry) for the random title, but there has been a rumor going around from some people that a girl named Danielle is coming on the 15th to find a JLY/My American Girl #25! J'espere qu'elle me choisit (I hope she picks me)!

I think I'll quit translating my French sentences into English, so if you don't speak Frech and want to translate what I'm saying, go to for a translation!

Ali Brigitte

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  1. The computer I use is one of the ones that is used for buying things (sorry, I can't remember the word for it) and I will try to finish the story :) I want to see how Abbey (my friend back in, oh wait I can't say where she lives, well bac somewhere) reacts, then I will finsish the story.

    -blog post comment-
    OOH! I heard that rumor as well! Whomever she chooses will get a really great home, or so I hear.